Summer hair, for when Summer is here

We’ve had a couple of warm days in Chicago and I was inspired to come up with some summer hairstyles. Now that summer is around the corner I’m so excited to start styling my hair! Truthfully, this quarantine has made me realize how much of a slob I can be. I have been wearing the […]

Why Adoption is the Best Option

Between working two jobs, running errands, and spending time with my long-term boyfriend – I discovered a new passion.  I have spent the past several months volunteering at a local animal shelter in Chicago. Growing up, I’ve always had a love for animals, and my family was big on rescuing.  When I moved in with […]

10 Inspirational Quotes That You Need To Hear

In life, it is easy to get stuck.  We get stuck in our comfort zones, stuck in our routines…stuck in traffic.  We may never take the leap of faith in order to chase our wildest dreams, go after that guy you’ve been eyeing in the gym, apply for that promotion at work, take that trip […]

A few of my all time favorite things…

1) FILOFAX If you have not heard about filofaxing, I suggest you do a quick internet search! This baby is attached to me and without my Filofax I’d be nowhere in life. A bit dramatic, but you get the point! 2) MUGS How else would I get my tea fix in? I have quite the […]


Are you stuck? Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions? Have you set goals and failed? Guess what…it’s okay! Life isn’t always easy, it’s not always sunshine and butterflies. This is an important period of time where your limits are tested, but in the words of a wise fish named Dory “just […]