Let’s talk working from home-

I have been working from home for a while now. I absolutely love being able to roll out of bed and clock in for the day. Holiday loves to lay next to me and wait for belly rubs. I love the convenience of being able to grab a snack and get back to work. I spend about 8 hours sitting in front of three computer monitors and have to get up every so often so I don’t go insane. Living in a small apartment in Chicago not ideal for when a worldwide crisis calls for setting up an office space at home. I made due with the only space left in the apartment. I found a small round table and ended up having to buy another side table to fit all my screens. I’m fortunate that my work has been busy and that I’m able to continue work as usual. My planner has been utilized to the max. I write down ideas, remote meetings, and random thoughts. My all time favorite planner is from and I order one every year. However most of their items are out of stock so I have linked a similar one that comes with stickers as well!

This is the end result:

1) Round Wicker Table 2)Similar Planner 3)Similar Rustic Stool 4) Mug

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