All Things Bedroom

1) Palm Silk Tree 2) Cotton Basket 3) Bohemian Rope Frame 1-light Pendant 4) Down/Polyester Filled Throw Pillow – Navy – Poly 5) Natural Throw Pillow 6) Tufted Queen Bed – Ivory 7) Mirrored Accent Campaign Table 8) Vintage Boho Paisley Rug 9) Cheryl Throw – Blue 10) 5-Tier Corner Ladder Shelves Kris and I […]

Need Them All – Pillow Edition

You can never have enough decor pillows. Textured ones are my favorite. It was about time for us to upgrade and spruce up our pillows, so I bought four for the couch and bed. Here are some of my favorites! 1) Mina Victory 2) Connect The Dots 3)Black Fringe Metallic 4) Bohemian Shag 5) Gray […]

Quarantine Activities A-Z

A: Ask a loved one if they need anything at all B: Binge a tv series C: Color D: Drive to a random place you’ve never been E: Eat at a new restaurant you’ve never tried (pick up/delivery) F: Find a new recipe to try G: Grow a garden H: HouseParty with friends (it’s the […]

Press On & Be Impressed

I don’t get my nails done often but with quarantine going on, I had the urge to do my nails. I bought some glue on nails a long time ago and haven’t got around to trying them out until tonight. I am in LOVE. The brand I used is KISS and I love how simple […]

Summer Sandals

Preparing myself for the summer by splurging on sandals. Here are some of my favs! 1) Frayed Fabric Slide Sandal 2) Odin H-Strap Sandal 3) Pearls Sandal 4) Caia Sandal Shoes 5) Pearls In Heels 6) Bandi Sandals

TV Binge & Pizza

What’s better than putting on a TV show, drinking wine and eating Pizza during quarantine? I feel like I have watched every show that is out there, but I seem to discover something new every week. For anyone that is running out of ideas for TV shows to watch, I have compiled a list of […]

All things home decor!

1) Wicker basket 2) Area rug with frills 3) Geometric decor pillow 4) Tassel basket 5) Faux Fiddle tree 6) Egg chair These home decor pieces are EVERYTHING. If you are in the market for home decor, I highly recommend checking out these items. I get summer beach house vibes and love the details! 1) […]


Let’s talk working from home- I have been working from home for a while now. I absolutely love being able to roll out of bed and clock in for the day. Holiday loves to lay next to me and wait for belly rubs. I love the convenience of being able to grab a snack and […]

This ones is for all the mothers…

This one is for all the mothers who put their children before themselves. Who work hard every day to provide a promising future for their sons and daughters. Who put on a brave face and a smile even though they may be feeling down and tired. For those mothers who provide a safe haven just […]

Sunshine, forest preserve & burritos

Another beautiful day! One of our favorite things to do on a nice day is head to the suburbs and go hiking. I spend so many hours during the week working from home on my computer that I feel cooped up and suffocated. Getting on a hiking trail on the weekend is one of the […]