This ones is for all the mothers…

This one is for all the mothers who put their children before themselves. Who work hard every day to provide a promising future for their sons and daughters. Who put on a brave face and a smile even though they may be feeling down and tired. For those mothers who provide a safe haven just by wrapping their arms around their children, little or grown, and promising that it’ll all be okay. Thank you for the warmth and guidance, the unconditional love and much needed scolding. Because of you, we become better humans and better parents to our own children. May you feel as much love today as you have provided us all our lives. This one is for all of the mothers out there. The happy mothers, tired mothers, single mothers, mothers who have passed away, family members who stepped in to play the role of a child’s mother…THANK YOU & Happy Mother’s Day.

To my mother:

I remember being a little kid, I would watch everything that my mom did and think, I want to be just like my mommy when I grow up. Well I’m 27 & going on 28 and I can confidently say that I am nowhere near the woman she is yet. My mom grew up in poverty and had to sew her own clothes. She would also wear hand me downs from her brother and eat food that was moldy. I know that everything she has done in her life was all for me. She is a tough cookie and doesn’t always show her emotions. In fact, I don’t know if I have ever seen her cry. But I know that her love for me and the people close to her is stronger than we can possibly imagine.

Mom, if you are reading this, I love you very much and appreciate everything you have done for me. Happy Mother’s Day!

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