Quarantine Activities A-Z

A: Ask a loved one if they need anything at all

B: Binge a tv series

C: Color

D: Drive to a random place you’ve never been

E: Eat at a new restaurant you’ve never tried (pick up/delivery)

F: Find a new recipe to try

G: Grow a garden

H: HouseParty with friends (it’s the best app ever)

I: Initiate a convo with someone you haven’t spoken to in years

J: Journal

K: Kite flying

L: Listen to a new podcast

M: Make a bucket list

N: Never have I ever game ( virtual with friends)

O: Origami

P: Play card game

Q: Quotes notebook that is filled with your fav

R: Read a book

S: Scrapbook

T: Tailgate in a parking lot with friends (while social distancing of course)

U: Use a new hair tool

V: Volleyball against a wall

W: Watch a documentary

X: X marks the spot where you burry a time capsule box ( stretching it lol)

Y: Yardwork

Z: Zoom

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