Realistic Week Day Morning Routine: December 2020

The months of December and January are the hardest for me as far as motivation and getting things done. My typical weekday in December consists of me setting my alarm the night before for 7:15am , 7:25am, and 7:35am. By my 7:35am I am usually slowly getting out of bed (reluctantly). The bed is so warm and the city is so cold. Once I am out of bed, I go straight to my work station to turn on my computer to get it warmed up for the day. I will then go to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth while my computer is loading. After that, I will take Holiday out and come back to clock in for work at 8am.

I sit at my desk and work for about 4 hours before clocking out for lunch at noon. To be honest, I haven’t even gotten up for lunch for most of December because work has been so busy. I then finish off the work day with another 5 hours of sitting at my desk and clocking out at around 6pm. I’ve worked a lot of overtime this month due to workload.

After I get off work, I take Holiday out again and feed her. Then , it is my time to relax and work on my blog. I’ll put on my favorite Youtube video and brainstorm feed and blog posts.

By about 7:30pm – I start getting hungry and usually cook whatever I think of first. I’ll eat and watch some Youtube videos and then end the night with a bath. I have been loving baths and take one every night. I put a little bit of Lavender Epson Salt and it is so relaxing – perfect way to end a work day.

Bedtime is about 10:30pm lately and I stay up for another half hour just scrolling through Pinterest, which I’m trying not to do anymore before bed.

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