Behind The Scenes: Shooting Content By Myself (With Tips)

Sometimes, you have to get things done – even it if means grabbing your selfie stick and taking pictures of yourself in public. From my perspective, the people who judge you are not the ones paying your bills so you do you, girl!

3 mindsets I have before going out to take pictures of myself:

  1. I’m never going to see the people who are watching ever again
  2. Don’t look at them and for the most part they won’t look at you & will mind their own
  3. You are going to have amazing content

3 tips:

  1. Take videos and pictures. With videos, you can do numerous poses and then take screenshots of the frames of videos. When I am taking a video, I make sure that I am moving slowly, so that when I take a screenshot of the frame, it is not blurry. Taking pictures is always great too!
  2. Practice your poses and know your angles before you leave the house. This will speed up the process, which means less time for you to be out in public.
  3. Have good selfie stick so that you can easily move it around for different shots. I am linking the one that I have been using for years. This one is extendable and adjustable so that you can fit this in your tote bag or backpack. It also comes with a clicker so you don’t have to set it on timer when taking pictures. My selfie stick:
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