Weekend Recap Oct 16-18

Friday night: I went out to dinner to celebrate my friends belated birthday. I drove out to the suburbs and we ate at Victory Meat and Seafood in Elmhurst. The food was amazing and the staff we so friendly and accommodating.

Here is what we ordered:

1) Flash Fried Calamari – huge pieces of calamari that comes with a side of cocktail sauce and aioli. 2) 1/2 Baked Clams – so delicious and tasty. Creamy tomato sauce and we squeezed half a lemon all over and ordered a side of garlic bread for the extra sauce. 3) Tuna Avocado Crudo – Chefs kisses! So good if you like raw tuna. I could definitely taste sesame oil which I love and it comes with a side of wonton chips to eat the tuna with. 4) Jalapeño Hash-browns – Spicy and delicious. It has a lot of flavor and made a great side dish. 5) 1/2 Pound King Crab Legs – This dish is pre-opened for you, which saves you a mess and the hassle. You can order the crab legs hot or cold – we ended up getting hot. Loved it! 6) Pistachio Gelato – We ended our dinner with a bowl of pistachio gelato which was brought out to us by the staff for my friends birthday. The perfect treat to end our dinner. We were stuffed…in the best way possible! 🙂

Can you believe we ordered all that food for just two girls?? The foodies in us would have it no other way. Highly recommend this place!

Saturday: Kristian and I went to the suburbs to visit my parents. We had hot pot and were trying to fish in the pond in my parent’s back yard. We ate a lot of food and by the time we got home I was so tired. I went to bed at 9pm and called it a night.

Sunday– This has been the laziest Sunday yet. I slept for 12 hours and woke up to take Holiday out. As soon as I got back in, I went back to sleep. I ended up waking up again at noon. I don’t remember the last time I slept this long but it was much needed. It was such a gloomy day and I hate gloomy days. I always feel extremely unproductive and lazy when it’s gloomy, so the rest of the day was spent watching Netflix.

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