September 2020 Amazon Purchases

Some of the Amazon purchases made last month:

  1. Satin Pillow Case – I’ve noticed a huge difference with my hair ever since I’ve started using this pillow case. My hair is not tangled or stat-icy when I wake up in the morning. I don’t think I can go back to a normal pillow case!
  2. Fuzzy Slippers – These are like the UGG slippers, but a fraction of the price. I normally wear a size 7 1/2 but since there were no half sizes, I went with a size 7 and it fits perfect. With the colder days ahead, this is perfect to keep your feet warm.
  3. Hair Clamps – I’m SOOOOO happy that I stumbled upon these. This is the best Amazon purchase I’ve made in a long time. I instantly ordered another set of 4. My hair is extremely thick and I have tried every hair clamp out there. I haven’t found one that actually holds up my hair…until now.
  4. Face Cleanser Massager – I’ve actually been using this for years, but I ended up making another purchase in September. This really helps remove all of the makeup from your face because of the grooves. I love this and highly recommend.
  5. Paperclip Link Chain – I personally love layered necklaces and a cute gold chain does the trick. This one is extremely affordable and it is so cute. You can adjust it to make it longer or shorter – definitely a staple!
  6. Glass Straw – This is also a re-purchase. Ask any of my friends…I carry glass straws in my purse and use them at restaurants. It makes drinking water fun, which means you stay hydrated throughout the day…SCORE!
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