Upcycling A Thrifted Bag

I love a good thrift, and I love finding items that people would disregard and seeing the potential in them. I recently visited a Goodwill close to me and I found several things that I loved. One of the items was a shiny brown bag that most people would have overlooked, however, I fell in love with the color and the material and I couldn’t pass it up for $3.99. I knew that just by changing the strap that it would totally change the whole look of the bag, so I left the store with the bag and several other items.e

I purchased the most stunning strap from Amazon for $10.99 and it got delivered within 2 days. The original strap was sewed on, so I ended up having to cut off the strap, even though I wanted to save it just in case. After I attached the new strap, I was immediately in shock. It was like a completely new bag and it looks so

I am linking the exact strap below in case anyone is interested! It would totally elevate any purse!

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