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To start off Small Business Saturdays (SBS), we had to kick it off with Elle Reign Collective. Dezerae, who is the CEO/founder and my best friend, launched her online boutique in June of 2020. In less than a year her business has sky rocketed. She works on her site tirelessly and builds rapport with her customers and genuinely cares about their input. Lets learn more about her and what she has planned for Elle Reign Collective.



Get to know Dezerae and Elle Reign Collective Better!

CEO: Dezerae
Brand: Elle Reign Collective
How did you come up with the name of your store? I wanted to have a name for the store that was sentimental to me so I decided to incorporate my son. His name is Leonardo Reign so I took the first letter of his name “L” and spelled it out into Elle. His middle name is Reign which means power and collective sounds very similar to our last name so Elle reign Collective is completely named after my son.
What was your vision for your store at the beginning versus now? My vision when I started was graphic tees and lounge wear. I have completely changed my focus and did a mini re brand to have a more chic look at an affordable price. Incorporated in that is essentials, neutral colored loungewear, dresses and more!
What is your favorite thing about your store? My favorite thing about my store is my customers! Receiving feedback on how much they love the product is such an amazing feeling.
What inspires you? I’m inspired by my long term vision. I hope to have an Elle Reign team with a warehouse and maybe some pop up shops! That vision keeps me going even on bad days!
Anything that sets you apart? We offer free shipping on all US standard orders. I feel like that definitely sets me apart from other boutiques. As well as our affordable prices.
What is the biggest lesson you learned throughout the process of starting a business?
The biggest lesson I’ve learned is everyday won’t just be a breeze. You need to be insanely consistent and put the work behind the vision to end up with results.
One tip for anyone that wants to start their own small business: If you are passionate about it then start it! Don’t give up even on your worst day. Stay consistent and keep pushing.

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