I have been spending every weekend in the suburbs recently. I have been trying to visit my parents every weekend so that their new puppy and Holiday can bond. The puppy is slowly starting to warm up to Holiday and with a few more visits, they are going to be best friends! 🙂

I love the one shoulder look and have been purchasing so many tops like these. Side note – I have been searching everywhere for a kiddie pool so that Holiday can swim in there during these hot summer days. Holiday loves the water and loves to lay in kiddie pools, but I went to three different stores and they were all sold out! I finally stopped at Meijer, a local grocery store and found a kiddie pool. While I was walking towards the checkout line, I saw this bag and had to buy it because it’s so cute. I love how big it is and fits so many of my unnecessary items. I tried to find it and link it, but I couldn’t find it online. I did find similar ones though! 🙂

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