Making the most of small spaces

With a lack of closet and an over abundance of clothes, I struggled to find space for my belongings. My boyfriend and I live in a one bedroom apartment in the city of Chicago. It’s perfect for the two of us and our dog, but as the seasons change, our splurges from Amazon keep piling up (who can relate?).

My style is what you call “bargain style” I like a good deal and making things look more elegant than the reality. This apartment is not our forever home, so I refuse to make expensive purchases for something that will most likely be replaced in a couple of years.

With most of our original furnishings in the house being dark brown, mahogany, and rustic vibe. I wanted to brighten up my bedroom with a white bookshelf that I got for a steal on Amazon. I needed a place to keep my trinkets and miscellaneous items that I don’t have the room for anywhere else.

I will proceed to go into more detail:

The very top of my bookshelf has a teddy bear that I’ve had for a long time now. It has a shirt that says “I 💓 CHI”. The top of the shelf also contains a vintage rustic clock that I purchased from Michael’s, and the best part about it is that it was on sale for 40% off!!! YES! The last item is a DIY project I did using items from the DOLLAR STORE! The flowers and mason jar was purchased from the dollar store, at one dollar each. Then I spray painted the mason jar for a more finished look!

The next level contains a cute small canvas with a quote I found to be extremely inspiring. It says “Live with intention, Be bold in the face of adversity, Live the life you were destined for”. You will also see my gratitude box, which I write in everyday. Everyday before bed, I write one thing I am grateful for and keep it in the box, then I will read them all at the end of the year. This part of the shelf also contains a gold organizer that I keep my collection of phone cases, makeup brushes, every day lip glosses and nail polish in. Last but not least, I keep my go to glasses here.

One section below, I have another DIY flower vase, a candle, an old Tiffany’s box that has a special message from my boyfriend inside. It also has a mug that says life is sweet that I keep loose change in. It has a white picture frame with a picture of the sunset from our apartment and a jewelry box that I got from T.J. Maxx.

On the side of the shelf I put up hooks to keep some of my over the shoulder purses and bags on. Like I said before…making the best of a small space! In this photo you will also see two bins with my everyday leggings, gym bottoms, and jeans. I live in leggings and jeans so I keep them here for easy access.

Here’s a tip: rolling your clothes saves space, and makes it easier to navigate what you are looking for!

The bottom two shelves contain my books and journals & all the way at the bottom are my socks! I wanted to switch the order of some of my shelves, but I found that two of the shelves don’t come out and my baskets don’t fit in some of the cubbies.

I did put hooks on the other side of my shelf as well to hang up some of my necklaces. I am not a fan of dark furniture, but I wanted to keep my dark brown dresser because it matches the one my bf has on the other side of the bedroom. On my dresser I have more flowers, another organizer, and pictures. My favorite thing on my dresser by far is the vintage, rustic piece of wood. I use mini wooden clips to hold up some of my favorite pictures.

I hope you got some inspiration from this post and would love to hear some opinions on what you like, which items are unnecessary, and what kind of posts you want to see more of! 🙂

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