Season of GIVING-Blessing Bags

This is something I started doing two years ago, and I hope to spread some inspiration.

The temperatures in Chicago have been drastically dropping, and I am reminded every day what a privilege it is to have a roof over my head, warmth and comfort of being able to turn on the heat whenever I please, clothes that keep me warm, and everything else that I take for granted daily. Then I think of all the people living on the streets. How they are able to stay warm on such cold harsh days. Two years ago I searched on the internet for way to help the homeless and came upon a post entitled “Blessing Bags”. Now this is something I do as a tradition.

In order to make these Blessing Bags, I go to a local Dollar Tree. Everything in my Blessing Bags are one dollar!!! In my Blessing Bags I include socks, deodorant, flashlights, pen&notebooks, lotion, hats, gloves, and assorted snacks! One blessing bag costs me only $10 to make.

After I finish making my Blessing Bags, I keep most of them in the trunk of my car, but I always keep a couple in the glove box. Any time I see someone asking for money on the streets, I take a Blessing Bag out of my glove box and offer it to them. Most of the individuals I give these Blessing Bags to are extremely grateful, but some would rather have cash. I think that this way it is easy to tell those who are truly living on the streets, and those who are only trying to take your money for other purposes.

Below are some pictures of the items that I bought at the Dollar Tree:

Bags to put all the items into : $1

Flashlight-batteries included : $1Tooth brush&toothpaste Set : $1

Notebook&pen : $1Deodorant : $1

Hat : $1

Lotion: $1

Pair of Socks (came in a 5 pack) : $1 Assorted snacks (came in 5 pack each) $2

Total: $10

I hope that this is an idea that someone will try! It doesn’t take long at all, it’s affordable, and you could really make a difference in someone’s life this Winter, even if it’s a small act of giving.

Xo Rina

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